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Gazelle Vintage Single Gear City Bike

Gazelle Vintage Single Gear City Bike

. Back Wheel Replacement (Inner & Outer) on 28th May 2019
. VERY Loose Left Pedal
- Basically, you're cycling with Right Pedal only but it works!
I still can get from one point to another, no problem at all.
The loose pedal can be fixed if you have tools or any bike shop.

. 2 Front Lights and 2 Back Lights included
- The older lights don't work consistently, that's why I added new ones.

. Handbrakes (working!)

. Bought at 75€ + 35€ wheel change
- Your gain my loss!

. Price includes a good lock! (with a pair of keys)

. I'm free to viewing and deal this week, leaving the Netherlands next week.
Please drop me a message!

Price: €35,00

Added on

Jul 9th, 19:26



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